When is gaming an addiction!

When a child refuses to leave the computer, become angry and violent because the computer was remove.

What would you do?

My son became ill and had a few operations on his ear and head, He lost his self esteem and he hid behind the computer, school wasn't supportive with how poorly he was and I decided to home tutor him, Thats was the beggining of the addiction.

I was in a sitaution when my son would refuse to leave his room for education, hospital appointments pretty much anything, no matter what I did, When I tried to remove the computer he would become violent, hitting, shouting or try to take his brothers devices.

I contacted social services, begging them to help, they came round and would ask him to go to college, he would say "yes", when they left he wouldn't go. One day he became violent and I called the police, he humoured them, I had a choice give him a criminal record, that wasn't what I wanted. I called the addiction line they thought I was mad.

I blocked the internet he found a through, took the power cable, found a spare. In the end I cancelled my internet for eight months and banned all consoles from all my children.

In someways it was heaven, no more arguing over silly games, shouting down the mic to others. On the other hand it was hard work, I would now have to be the entertainer, the person that occupyed them, but the gamer would still hide watching movies, sulking in his room but after time he got in touch with an old friend and popped out, then I got him in college, which was a battle, pulling out all the guns, getting NAN to take him to college, walk him to his lesson. In time long hair went to short hair, sitting doing nothing went to fitness. I battled for two years and it was exhausting.

Has anyone been effected by something simular?