It All Too Much

When it all seems too much!

Life will throw it's challenges in your way, whether that be relationships, communication, employment, sometimes it seems all too much.

The energy that is exhausted on perception. What do I mean? The other persons expectation, what's perceived as perfect parent.

I believe there is no rule book on perfect parenting, we want to put them in bubble wrap, keep them safe, say the right things, do the right things but the reality is different.

Sometimes you say something you wish you didn't say, forget something you wish you didn't forget, the fact is we are human, do you love your child ? Do you ensure that are are safe? Looked after ? And cared for?

I've been parenting for a long time, seen and dealt with most situation. Whether right or wrong in other people's eyes I have believed in my parenting, knowing I would do my best for my children.

People watching, judging, are they? I talk to people and they feel the same.

Your child has a tantrum and there are comments, just buy the child the sweet, give the child a slap, in my day children didn't behave like that. In my defence your not me, I'm not made of money. I don't want a spoilt child, you don't know whats going on, I don't believe in violence. I feel be who you are and don't change to be a mum, adapt instead. As long as you are not harming your child and your doing your best people shouldn't judge.

I live in a world where professionals expect the worst due to having lots of children, then they get to know me, they get to know my children, then they find out about my profession and they treat me like a different person. Stereo typing is a crawl world, we are all guilty of it at some point, I feel we should stop putting barriers up and start being an open minded. We should help and support each other.

Do you you feel worried about other people's views?