Day one of Lockdown 3

Up at 8 am, three computers are set up for the three boys who have to be ready for online learning. Two boys are awake by 8.50 am, signed into lessons. Go to the other son to check whether he’d been sent any work, ‘nothing’. I still ask him to wake up.

I Went downstairs to cook breakfast, scramble eggs on toast then I got a text messages,

I took breakfast up to the two in bed, R asked for ‘Mc D’s’, then he saw the food, ‘thanks’, the other child ‘O’ was staring at a screen, I gave him the food and I asked him ‘what's wrong?’ O replied, ‘it’s not working, I can’t open the document’, I look at the computer and work out how to open the work, by now the teacher is moving on and asking the children have they finished.

O doesn’t say anything he’s turned his mic off, in the background children are talking, The teacher keeps calling for O, he doesn’t reply, so I show him how to send a message saying ‘I’m here, mum sorting it, it’s not working’.

I make sure he is able to do the work, he’s fine for the moment. R, is still half asleep whilst listening to the lesson,

I move onto the other son D, tell him, ‘you have a work sheet set, wake up!’ He sort of moves, I explain what the work was and he sits up.

Then child number four has woken up. L is four years old, I take him downstairs and make breakfast for them.

Upon returning upstairs R has fallen asleep 9.49 am, I tell him ‘get up or I’m going to take pictures of you and put it on social media’, R replies ‘I’m awake’ I get him to sit up and organise himself, he shuffles and sits up slightly.

In the background I can hear the teacher calling O, the teacher asks a question, I’m prompting O to answer, children are saying” Miss I think O is not there? ”, Miss replies ‘I know O is there he’s been messaging me, I think there's a problem with his mic’, well that opened an opportunity for O, he was taking so long to answer the question, the teacher would move on to the next child, O had little input in the lesson.

I look round R has fallen back to sleep, I wake him up again.

I had a job interview, so I got myself ready, dressed the little one.

Before I was leaving, O, participated very little but logged in for the next lesson, then I checked in on R, he’s half awake, completing some work. I go to D, he’s complaining he doesn't want to watch the video, ‘it’s too long he complains’, I ask him to complete maths, ‘Coordinates is the subject’, he hasn’t learnt this, I reply ‘ No you haven’t, I can help you’ he gets upset, I settle him with the hour long video for geography.

Exhaustion for us all particularly me and that was the first day

I now had to go for a job interview it’s 11.30 am, go to put my boots on, the soles are falling off, the Christmas boots I got are too small, sketchers it is, I go outside, put L in the car, the car didn’t start, (it had been sitting there for two weeks). Bus it is! I get on the bus, it is empty, relief.

Drop L to daddy at work, whilst I go for my interview, five minutes peace.

I finish my interview, turn my phone on and I have four miss calls, two text messages from D, ‘can I go for a bike ride’, ‘I’ve finished my work,’, I call and asked exactly what he had completed one activity, obviously the answer is ‘NO’.

I Picked L up from daddy, head home on the bus, this is when I discover I have

left my expensive umbrella on the bus,” Grr, then L is worried about my umbrella, ‘how are we going to get it?,’ I reply ‘ it’s gone don’t worry’ after about five minutes of discussion, after L had told everyone he had spoken to, we are home.

I walk into the house, 2.45pm, ‘Oh my’ two pedal bikes in my living room, I look at O, ‘ lessons have finished, it’s raining, i’m fixing the bike’ he said, I reply ‘really, get the bikes out’! I go upstairs and R is asleep, fumes are coming out of my ears, in a stern voice, ‘what lessons have you done?, ‘Err, dunno, two, three’, he said, my reply was i’m disappointed , I’m going to pay for extra tuition to help you and you don’t have the decency to wake up and join in the lessons, Thanks a lot’.

Now I complete Coordinates with D, I helped him, he understood it, work submitted. By now it’s 4 pm. I hope tomorrow is easier, I think don’t leave the house.

R comes down apologising and agrees to work down stairs tomorrow.

Now clear up for cook dinner & put the Christmas tree away.