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More and more people are self tutoring there children. if you need advice or support I am happy to assist.
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Now isn't the time to give up,

I created parentinginneed for everyone to join in with My Blogs and have someone to talk too, when it is all seems too much.

I was in a coercive relationship, I have been a single parent, a parent of a child with needs, I have been parent through some really tough times and I didn't know who to turn too.

I have experienced most situations and over time I intend to share my experiences to help others, as I feel I have learnt a lot.

I have supported lots of people with finance troubles, relationships, social services, education, understanding their child's behaviour or someone to moan too, saying the things they do not want to say to their loved ones.

People Book Me to support them privately, which I do!

I know how difficult things can get, I want to help others and I can, I will help you find your confidence and become comfortable to be the parent you are.

I remember being a first-time mum, everyone telling you how to parent, I can empathise with you, if you are in that position, 'be yourself, as long as you love your children you will get through it'.

I wished someone said that to me.

My work comes from my heart, I want to help people who are struggling.

I want to make a difference.

Now is not the time to give up!

It’s the time to do something

I founded parenting-in-need to help support Mums & Dads by giving them an opportunity to talk to somebody that understands how overwhelming things can appear


I genuinely want to help those who feel under pressure and unable to cope,


“a problem shared is a problem halved”


With help you can overcome any anxiety you might have. You are not the first to feel the strain of parenthood, it takes understanding and patience to overcome and put to rest any doubts you may have about raising a child 


I was once in a coercive relationship with no apparent means of escape. I have also been a single Mum bringing up a child with special needs, I went through some tough times not knowing where to turn or how to get assistance.


My life experiences have given me an awareness and the capacity to help others


I have guided and advised people who were experiencing family difficulties and facing relationship problems or dealing with challenging behaviours.


You can confide in me and discuss anything. If you feel you can’t burden your family or love ones with your problem, then let me help you. Everything you tell me remains strictly between you and I


I can recognise child behavioural patterns which can vary immensely, I’ve learnt that not all situations are the same. I know how tough things can appear to be. being a parent is a wonderful thing, don’t struggle with it, learn how to enjoy the moment, get the most out of it while you can


I want to share my knowledge and experiences to help others. Everyone has the ability to be a good parent, it’s a case of categorising your fears and concerns and dealing with them one at a time. I can help you do that, I can help you build your confidence


I can remember being a first-time mum, it was one of the most amazing times of my life, but it was also very daunting, everybody was giving advice and telling me how to do this and how to do that,.

I wish someone who actually understood my concerns had been around to advise me, it took me a long time before I conquered my demons.

If you are stressed I will help you find yourself, as long as you love your child you can overcome any and all difficulties and be the good parent you know you are.

I have a heartfelt desire to help, I don’t want my years of learning to go to waste

I want to assist people who are struggling during parenthood. I want to share my knowledge.

I want to make a real difference to people’s lives


You can get involved by becoming a member and following My Blogs


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About Me

Ten years ago, when my son was struggling with normal day-to-day challenges, something most of us take for granted, I began my career in special needs. This helped me overcome his behavioural and emotional problems.


Appearances can be deceptive, in those days everything seemed too much for me, nobody was aware of my problems. Finding someone to help and understand was difficult. Fortunately, as my career progressed and as a parent I found a way to create a calm and stable home (well it was most of the time) this gave me the confidence to use what I had learnt to help others.

I qualified in, Supporting Children in Education, Special Needs, ASD, Behaviour Strategies, Speech and Language 3–5-year-olds along with training in Social Emotional Coaching and Restorative Practice. I’m also professionally trained to support children.


My expertise involves working with non-verbal, ASD, ADHD, Fragile X, and most aspects of behavioural challenges as well as school refusers, using a nurturing approach, consistency, and time to gain trust. 


I am passionate and want to help parents and their children to feel valued and listened too.

As a mother of seven myself I applied my skills at home, that personal hands-on family experience helped me understand what can be achieved with a little effort and understanding.

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My Behaviour Plans

If you are unsure of the best plan

Book a free consultation to discuss your needs.

I'm able to support ASD, ADHD, Teenagers, Toddlers, SEMH with most behaviours.

First 30 Minute Consultation


Using Zoom Chat I'm Able to Offer Virtual Meetings Nationally 

Personalised Behaviour


Unique for your family

We will discuss the behaviour pattern your child

Is displaying and decide on which type of

support they need.


This can be done online or face to face.

It can take up to an hour to establish whether it’s an emotional,

educational or behavioural problem.


We can then determine

which course of action best suits your child

1 Hour £45

Follow Up Consultations

For All Services

Keep moving forward

If you have had an initial consultation and would

like a follow up chat please book one here

I am always available and willing to help with additional

support and advice

30 Minutes £25

Parent Support & Coaching

Someone to listen and support

This is a service where you the parent can discuss problems

you are facing with your child and learn how you can resolve

them yourself.


They are non-judgemental discussions aimed at

tutoring parents to identify and deal with situations that arise

without outside help. it’s about reassuring a parent that they

can deal with situations when they occur.

30 min £25

Members Blog

Where Members can be involved with a topic

Welcome to Parentinginneed, a unique blog here for you to explore.


Parenting has added such value to my life, and I love having the opportunity to share my thoughts and experiences with my loyal readers.

Simple Tips

Making your life easy

Don't change who you are to be a parent, adapt the things you do so it suits your family. What works and what doesn't work only you know the anwser to that.

Working Mom
Angry Child

If a child is angry, do you cry, shout or get angry.  Stop! Think! Put yourself in their shoes.  Empathsis, give them space and time.

Child and Therapist
Learning to Cope

Realising that this is your life, now find a way to live it making your life easier.

Time for yourself to think, talk.

Time out for yourself when it's getting too much.

Princess Dad



Vicki N...

I'd run out of options & ideas but after talking to you it saved my life.

Thank you Leanne


Elaine D...

You were there when my Grandson needed you most, now he is doing well, I'm grateful for your help!


James K...

She hated school until she met you, Me and my wife was worried about her, You made her feel safe and understood 


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